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Cataract Surgery

Our surgeons operate at several conveniently located private and public day surgery facilities around Melbourne.

 Our surgeons are exceptional surgeons in common cataract cases as well as complex cataract cases, including patients with a background of glaucoma or diabetes.


Glaucoma Treatment

We provide comprehensive diagnostic and treatment care for glaucoma, using the world's best diagnostic equipment to inform our decision making.  


We are specialists in the full spectrum of glaucoma treatment, from medication, SLT laser to complex procedures such as Trabeculectomy, trabeculectomy revision, Tube shunt operations, Minimally invasive glaucoma surgeries and cyclodiode laser.

Dr George Kong is an expert in complex glaucoma operations as well as new minimally invasive glaucoma surgeries (MIGS). 


Macular Care

We provide comprehensive care of all conditions affecting the macula and retina.  These include treatments for age-related macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic eye disease and retinal vein occlusions.


Eyelid Surgery

We are able to perform many procedures to correct eyelid abnormalities including chalazion removal, in-turned eyelashes, in-turn eyelid, out-turn eyelid, eyelid lesions, and droopy eyelids.  Some of these procedures can be performed in our dedicated procedure room.


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Refractive Surgery

Our clinic offers the state of the art in  refractive surgery.

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Paediatric care, Dry Eyes​ &

General Ophthalmology

Our specialists have special training the management of general paediatric eye conditions including treatment of amblyopia, paediatric glaucoma and prevention of childhood myopia.



Our specialists are able to manage all aspects of general ophthalmology conditions including dry eye conditions, cornea conditions, eye infections, eyelid lesions, neurological conditions.

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